For separating couples seeking to arrange child maintenance payments, Hansells can provide professional legal support.

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When parents separate, children can be a point of disagreement. From custody to visitation rights to maintenance payments, there are many things to sort out and agree – and discussions can often become fraught. Whatever your family is going through, our solicitors are here to help you navigate this difficult time. We’ll endeavour to help you arrange your life post divorce in an amicable way, or represent you in court if this can’t be achieved. Contact us today to start the process.

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Hansells is a trusted team of solicitors based in East Anglia. Our experience in family law is vast, allowing us to provide comprehensive legal support for you and your family through this difficult time. We value handling these sensitive matters out of court where possible, but have also achieved success for clients in court where necessary. If you’re in disagreement with your partner over child maintenance payments, our friendly team are here to help you attain the right result for your children and move forwards with your life.

The Child Maintenance Service will look at both parents’ gross income and the payment required will be a percentage of this income. Depending on the number of children in question, this percentage can increase. For example, a parent will have to pay 12% of their gross weekly income for one child, 16% for two, and 19% for three or more. The number of nights that children stay with the paying parent and whether or not they have any additional children from a separate relationship will also be taken into account.

Yes. If you’re a parent, you’re responsible for the financial costs of raising your child, whether or not you have custody. As a result, when a couple decides to divorce or separate, child maintenance from the parent who doesn’t have custody is one of the most important legal matters to sort out. If you’re struggling to come to an agreement, get in touch with our legal team to talk your situation through. We can help.

Many parents find it useful to use the guidelines set out by the Child Maintenance Service to reach an agreement. However, if an agreement can’t be reached, or one parent is refusing to pay, a claim can be made to the Child Maintenance Service. As a result of recent rule changes, the Child Maintenance Service can now charge parents for using its service. If you need help from the Child Maintenance Service, they will encourage you to use their direct pay scheme. They will calculate how much the other parent should pay according to their guidelines, and give you advice on arranging this payment rather than using them to collect the money.

If you want to make a claim, call our Family Line on 0808 156 1196. One of our friendly solicitors will take the time to understand your situation before explaining in more detail how the process works.

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Hansells is a family law firm supporting clients in Norwich and Norfolk through all aspects of financial and family arrangements following separations. If you’re struggling to come to an agreement with your ex-partner over child maintenance, our professional solicitors are here to help you find a suitable resolution. We’ll ensure you achieve suitable support for your children, working sensitively and effectively to achieve the right result for your family.

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