Our specialist Dispute Resolution Team handles a wide-range of legal disagreements, including:

  • Disputed boundaries or shoddy building work;
  • Landlord and Tenant matters;
  • Issues arising from a Will or Intestacy; and
  • Contractual disputes.

Individuals, charities, small owner-run businesses, and multi-national companies are welcome to enquire with us today. Our work is extremely widespread in terms of the nature and complexity, meeting a mutual understanding of the end result. We work closely with our Employment, Property and Lifetime Planning teams to provide a fully-resourced expert service, whatever your dispute.

We understand that every dispute is unique and that your aims and outcomes are personal to you, which is why your needs and requirements are of paramount importance to ensuring we act in your best interests at all stages. At Hansells, our approach to costs is transparent, enabling you to make informed decisions at every stage of the dispute to bring about a proportionate resolution. We recognise that disputes are stressful and can place a strain on resources.

Resolution is often best achieved by discussion with an appreciation of each party’s position key to finding a positive outcome. To find the best solution for you speak to one of our offices today: