Notary services for businesses in Norwich & Norfolk.

Notarial services are not something you need every day, and you might not be aware of them until the need arises, for example, you could be buying property abroad or evidencing overseas qualifications, in which case, your documents would need to be legally verified by a notary public. Our notary public will ensure your business documentation is notarised quickly and efficiently to meet your business needs. With experience of working on a wide range of documentation that requires notarisation, we’re perfectly placed to support and advise you through the process.

Providing notarial services for your business.

Our notary public is familiar with the procedures of many overseas departments and able to work with foreign-language documentation We are trusted by businesses  in Norwich and Norfolk to authenticate their documents. Your notary public here at Hansells will guide you through the process from start to finish – preparing your document, witnessing your signature, and fully legalising it as required.

Our notarial services.

At Hansells, we provide a range of notarial services, including:

  • Notarising powers of attorney, affidavits & statutory declarations.
  • Document authentication.
  • Foreign patents & trademarks.
  • ID certification.
  • Qualification certification

Whenever your business needs to deal with foreign documents, it’s likely you’ll need a notary public. This is a legal professional who is officially authorised to prepare, witness, and authenticate them. For any business document that is to be used outside of England and Wales, the seal of approval from a notary public will confirm its authenticity. If you’ve found yourself in a situation that requires the services of a notary public, contact us here.

Notarisation describes the process of authenticating international documentation. For commercial purposes this might include verifying the authenticity of the company and also its directors . Only a fully registered and enrolled notary public can provide the necessary seal of approval. To notarise a document, a notary public will:

  • Check documents with the issuing body.
  • Certify copies.
  • Check your identity.
  • Ensure you understand the document.
  • Witness your signature.
  • Sign and seal documents.
  • Produce a certificate.
  • Obtain verification from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or from the receiving company’s embassy.
  • Arrange delivery overseas.
  • Maintain and keep copies of documents indefinitely.

The most likely time you’ll need notary services is when you have documents that are needed abroad. The notary’s seal confirms the legality of the document to the authorities of another country.

There are many documents that can require a notary’s seal. Buying property abroad, producing educational certificates for employment, sponsorship for visitors to the UK, adoption issues and authenticating foreign wills are just