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Sometimes you’ll need more than just your documents

Notarial Services are not something you need every day. In fact you might not be aware of them until a particular set of circumstances arise. For example, you could be buying property abroad, or possibly need to provide evidence of your qualifications to a company overseas. In those situations the documents in question will need to be legally verified by a Notary Public.

The Seal of Authority

Only a fully registered and enrolled Notary Public can provide the necessary seal of authentication. But, it is about much more than a seal, the Notary Public will:-

  • Check the authenticity of documents direct with the issuing body
  • Certify copies of those documents
  • Check your identity to satisfy the overseas lawyers or receiving authority
  • Ensure that you fully understand the nature of any documents you are asked to sign, and that you wish to enter into the related transaction
  • Witness and verify your signature
  • Sign and seal documents
  • Produce a certificate setting out exactly what has been established, witnessed or verified
  • Obtain official verification of his own bona fides from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office or from the receiving country’s embassy
  • Arrange recorded or courier delivery overseas if required
  • Maintain and keep indefinitely copies of any documents and a record of the events which have been dealt with

Hansells have more than most to help you

Few legal practices have as much experience and authority in the field of Notarial Services as Hansells. We have one Notary Public on our team – Jane Stockings. That means we have the resources to help you when, as they often do, Notarial requirements come up at short notice.

It also means that we have the breadth of experience to work on the full spectrum of documents that required the services of a Notary Public. We are familiar with the procedures of overseas departments and, of course, offer multi lingual working.