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Sports law covers a range of legal disciplines, including dispute resolution, employment law, Intellectual Property, and corporate law and can impact audiences locally and across the world. Our experienced lawyers have the comprehensive knowledge to help individuals, teams, and businesses with any of their sports law needs. We offer a range of services covering everything from contract termination, to doping scandals, company or club purchasing, disciplinary procedures and more. Whether you’re an individual sportsperson, manager, owner, or club, we are here to guide you through the legal processes with sensitivity We work with you to facilitate a positive outcome.

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Hansells is a trusted law firm for individuals and enterprises within the sports sector across Norfolk and further afield. With a team able to cover a vast array of legal disciplines, we can advise on a range of legal services, facilitating the growth and success of sporting individuals and teams. We work closely with those involved to understand the impact and complexity of the issues involved ensuring that our advice is both legally correct but sensitive to the situation. For legal support in sports law, you can rely on us.

Our sports law services.

At Hansells, we offer a comprehensive set of sports law  related services to individuals, businesses, and teams in Norwich and Norfolk. We cover:

Sports law is an overarching term for any legal processes and expertise involved within the sports law  legal services for individuals, businesses, teams and clubs. Drawing on other disciplines, sports law can involve any number of activities relating to contract law, employment law, dispute resolution, corporate law, property law, and more. Cases within sports law can be highly varied and wide-reaching depending on the number and activities of the issues involved.. From managers moving clubs, to player disputes, to contract negotiations, to team acquisitions, sports law combines a variety of skills and knowledge.

If you are involved in the sports industry and need a solicitor to guide you or your club through legal processes, our specialist lawyers are here for you. Get in touch today for a no obligation, initial consultation.

Sports lawyers are usually trained and experienced in other disciplines of the law before specialising within the sports sector. Therefore, sports lawyers can deal with a range of legal issues that may arise within sport, for both individuals and businesses. Sports lawyers help individuals, businesses, and teams through all manner of issues such as contract negotiation, employment and HR issues, mergers and acquisitions, doping scandals and more. The commercialisation of sport, as well as the impact on individual players and supporters alike, sports solicitors require tact, diplomacy and a  deep understanding of many different Sports. If you are in need of legal support for you or your sport, our expert team are here for you.

Expert sports law solicitors for individuals and businesses in Norwich & Norfolk.

As an established law firm in Norwich, with multiple locations across Norfolk, Hansells is trusted to guide individuals and businesses through a variety of legal processes. We have experienced and talented lawyers in all disciplines involved in sports law and are committed to giving you practical advice to help you achieve your aims.