Debt recovery solicitors for businesses in Norwich & Norfolk.

At Hansells, we are aware of the impact that unpaid fees can have on your business and appreciate the need for efficient and timely recovery of funds. Our debt recovery team has helped businesses, local authorities, credit organisations and utility suppliers reduce the amount of bad debts they write off. With transparent and competitive pricing and years of experience handling sensitive situations, we can help your company collect what is rightfully yours.

Providing debt recovery services for your business.

Hansells is a law firm based in Norwich with an experienced commercial team that can help businesses situations achieve a positive outcome through a range of complex situations. If you’re struggling to recoup the money owed to you, our team of professional debt recovery solicitors can step in and handle court proceedings on your behalf. With an excellent track-record of quick settlements, we can advise you on every aspect of debt recovery and the associated legal action.

Our debt recovery services.

Our experienced debt recovery team can guide you through everything from pre-court debt settlements to formal legal action. Our service includes:

  • A single fixed fee with no hidden charges.
  • A pre-action protocol letter.
  • A refund of the court fee and 1/3 off for cases concluded before court.
  • Automated issue of court proceedings at County Court Business Centre.
  • Reduced court fees for claims uploaded by secure data transfer.
  • Application for default judgement.
  • Regular client updates.

Commercial debt recovery or business debt recovery is the process a company must go through to recover money that either they have loaned to a company or individual; or the money they are owed for goods or a service. For businesses looking to recover their debt, legal support is often the best way to achieve a suitable and satisfactory settlement. A commercial debt recovery solicitor will collect the outstanding money from a debtor on your behalf or advise you on the legal action you can take.

Maintaining a good relationship with your clients is likely to be a business priority, but sometimes legal action does need to be taken. If you’re struggling to get someone to pay you back for a loan or you have not been paid for the services and goods you’ve provided, a claim might be the next step. This can be issued at court, and it will then be served on the debtor. If the outstanding payment is substantial, you can petition for a winding up order. To find out more information about the legal process for debt recovery, contact a member of our team for a no obligation discussion.

A debt recovery solicitor will be able to help you with many different areas of litigation and insolvency action as well as pre-court arrangements which are often preferable for smaller amounts.

They will begin by trying to collect, out of court, by issuing letters and trying to make contact. If this doesn’t work, they will begin formal County or High Court proceedings, mediating between parties and representing you if the claim is defended. They will also help with payment arrangements and plans, following up on defaults if necessary. In serious cases where large sums of money are owed, they can also take insolvency action on your behalf.