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Insolvency is a stressful and worrying time for you and your business, meaning obtaining expert legal advice is critical. Our solicitors support businesses through a range of sensitive matters including the presentation of winding-up petitions, retention of title claims, and fraudulent or wrongful trading. With wide-ranging experience across our commercial teams, we aim to reach the best outcome available to you.

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Hansells is a commercial law firm based in Norwich with years of experience helping businesses in all sectors with the insolvency process. We know insolvency is time critical, which is why we work proactively to achieve the best outcome. If you’re facing an insolvency claim, dealing with insolvency investigations, or struggling to resolve an insolvency dispute, we can help you deal with creditors and shareholders to achieve the best outcome.

Our insolvency services.

Whatever your business is going through, we’re here to help. Our services surrounding insolvency include:

  • Insolvency.
  • Bankruptcy.
  • Administration.
  • Business restructuring.
  • Negotiating repayment.
  • Dispute & litigation.
  • Protecting assets.
  • Structuring transactions.

The term insolvency describes a financial state when a business can no longer meet its liabilities. This might mean you cannot pay your bills due to financial difficulties, or that you have more debt than assets. Critically, it means your business is in danger of having to cease trading.

Insolvency can also have serious implications for your business including, but not limited to, employment, HR, and tax. If you’re facing insolvency, it’s vital to get trusted legal advice as soon as possible. For a no obligation consultation, feel free to contact a member of our team.

Insolvent creditors could take action to recover their debt by issuing an official request for payment or petition for the winding up of your company if you cannot pay. Creditors can also try and put your company into administration. To prevent this, you can apply to the court to stop the winding up order or to follow other insolvency processes.

To avoid closing down, there are a range of options open to you. You can contact all creditors to try and come to an informal agreement, take out a company voluntary agreement (CVA), put the company into administration, or go into administrative receivership.

A specialist insolvency solicitor will be able to help you manage a range of issues surrounding insolvency and bankruptcy and figure out the best next steps for you. If you’re in financial difficulty, your solicitor will help you reach the most suitable and amenable outcome, whether that’s to close down the company or come to an informal agreement with lenders. They will also help you address the implications your financial situation will have on your employees, working closely with our employment law and HR department. To find out more about our process and how we can help you, get in touch today for a no obligation discussion.

Specialist insolvency solicitors in Norwich.

Insolvency is an unfortunate situation to be in, but it can be managed to produce a suitable outcome. Hansells has helped businesses in Norwich and across the UK work their way through this difficult time and achieve an acceptable outcome. Our specialist team of insolvency solicitors will support your business throughout the process, providing professional guidance, representing you in court, and handling negotiations. If your business is facing financial troubles, securing trusted legal advice is of critical importance.

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