For all parents, ensuring the appropriate arrangements are in place for their children post separation and divorce is of paramount importance.

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Sadly, it’s not always possible for a couple to reach an agreement about what is best for their family. In this case, legal support can be invaluable, helping you achieve a resolution that provides the right structure and support for your children. Whether difficulties have arisen in connection with parental responsibility, education, religious upbringing, custody, holidays, or visitation, we can help. Our solicitors have helped families in Norwich, Norfolk and beyond reach agreements that work for everyone involved.

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Hansells is a professional family law firm with years of experience helping couples come to an agreement over their arrangements for children following their separation. We have also provided legal support to other family members such as grandparents and step parents looking to continue their role in a child’s life. From providing practical advice relating to child maintenance to dealing with financial considerations like school fees and further education, we’re here to help. We also work closely with local mediators and family support services to help those in disagreement resolve their differences amicably and productively.

Both parents retain their parental responsibility after divorce or separation, but it is usually determined to be in the best interests of the child to have a permanent home, rather than move between both parents. This will usually be given to the primary caregiver; the parent who is most accustomed to meeting the child’s needs on a day to day basis, and best able to do so. Visitation rights and overnight stays with the other parent will therefore need to be arranged. This is usually done on an informal basis, but some parents like to have legal clarity in the form of a Child Arrangements Order.

In some cases, it may be necessary to involve the Family Court and apply for a Child Arrangements Order. These orders deal with the day to day arrangements or children, specifying which parent a child will live with and what the visitation rights are of the other. Before applying to court, it is usually necessary to have an initial assessment with a family mediator to see if an agreement can be reached outside of court. At Hansells, our team of family law specialists will work hard to find a solution, and if court proceedings are necessary, we will guide you through the process. Contact us to find out more.

These are two other kinds of orders that can be applied for during child arrangements post divorce or separation. If a parent applied to court for a Specific Issue Order, they will be asking the court to make a decision in relation to a particular point of dispute, such as a child’s religion or schooling. A Prohibited Steps Order prevents a parent from taking a certain court of action, such as removing the child from the jurisdiction. For more guidance on your options following a disagreement with your ex-partner, feel free to enquire with one of our solicitors today.

Each family’s circumstances are unique, so we don’t typically offer fixed fee packages in relation to court proceedings over child arrangements. However, once we have understood the situation and determined the best course of action, we will provide you with a clear estimate of the likely costs going forwards.

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If you’re in dispute with your former partner over what the arrangements will be for your children following divorce or separation, our sensitive and understanding team of solicitors are here to help. We know how difficult these situations can be, but we’ll endeavour to reach a resolution that works for you and your family. To find out more information about our service, or arrange your free initial consultation, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team.

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