Hansells Solicitors is pleased to announce the appointment of Mark Scott as the Independent Judicial Panel Chair for British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS). Mark will serve a three-year term, contributing his expertise to the organisation’s vital judicial system.

Mark Scott’s Role

Mark will sit on panels hearing disciplinary and regulatory matters for BUCS, ensuring fairness and upholding the organisation’s commitment to integrity. This role aligns with BUCS’s ongoing review of disciplinary processes to guarantee a fair, transparent, and robust system.

Mark’s Statement

Mark expressed enthusiasm for this opportunity: “I’m looking forward to using my knowledge to mentor Panel Members, assess their performance, and contribute to BUCS’s disciplinary regulations and procedures. Collaborating with the Governance and Compliance team aligns well with my desire to give back to the community.”

Mark’s Accomplishments

Mark’s appointment reflects his achievements and expertise in sports law disciplinary processes. This role further demonstrates Hansells’ commitment to supporting the community through leadership positions within organisations like BUCS.

About BUCS

BUCS’ Judiciary, a vital component of the organisation, consists of an Independent Head of Judiciary, Independent Judicial Panel Chairs and Panel Members (students and sabbatical officers of BUCS members institutions).

Independent Panel Chairs are appointed by the Independent Head of Judiciary and/or BUCS Governance and Compliance Team to chair panels hearing disciplinary and regulatory matters at first instance and on appeal.

BUCS Commitment

BUCS’s commitment to fairness and integrity is reflected in its ongoing review of processes for Misconduct Charges and Match Appeals, currently outlined under its regulations.  All hearings presently occur virtually, and the regulations are being scrutinised to align with the introduction of the new BUCS Judiciary positions.

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Norwich, UK, May 2024

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