Resigning from your current employment is a major lifestyle change. If your decision is not caused by dissatisfaction or a dispute then drafting your resignation will be a straightforward matter (that probably doesn’t require any legal input).

If you are leaving due to an unresolved issue or as a result of the conduct of your employer, you should think more carefully about what your resignation letter says.

When drafting your resignation, the starting place should be your employment contract so that you can understand what your obligations are upon leaving your job i.e. serving notice, avoiding working for a competitor, repaying any fees your employer has paid on your behalf.  After considering your contract you can then make an informed decision about when it would be suitable for you to leave and what, negotiations need to be undertaken.

If you are concerned about the circumstances giving rise to your resignation, then, before submitting your notice, you may want to consult with us as to the reason for your resignation.

It may be that your employers’ conduct constitutes a breach of contract and/or discrimination. Those circumstances could potentially entitle you to leave without giving notice which will affect the content of your resignation letter. The wording should be prepared carefully as it could be used as evidence if your dispute progresses to an employment tribunal hearing.

If you are leaving because of your employer’s conduct, we would advise that you seek advice before referring to the conduct as an argument with no legal basis could lead to you potentially souring relations for no good reason. It is always best practice to leave employment on good terms, if possible, especially as you will no doubt be reliant on a good reference from your boss/colleagues.

As a matter of practice, it is always best to leave on good terms if possible, as you will want a reference and you never know if you will want to return.

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