With our professional family law solicitors, you can navigate marital finances with clarity using a pre or postnuptial agreement.

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Pre and postnuptial agreements are becoming more and more popular. Offering an essential means of protecting certain assets and setting out what will happen in the event of a divorce, they provide couples with total peace of mind. Whether you want to draw up an agreement ahead of your wedding day, or are considering a postnup with an existing partner, we can guide you through the process. Not only do these agreements protect each partner’s assets, they also prevent either one of you from being liable for the debts of the other.

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Hansells is a team of family lawyers with years of experience helping families in all circumstances navigate this area of the law. Our specialist solicitors have drawn up agreements in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you have complex assets, children from a previous marriage you want to ensure you can provide for, or significant inherited wealth, we can help you create an agreement that suits you both. We’ve been trusted by clients all over East Anglia to execute their prenup or postnup and navigate their marriage with open eyes.

Prenuptial agreements, commonly referred to as prenups, clarify what a couple want to happen to their assets and income in the event of the marriage breaking down. They’re drafted before the marriage, with the terms agreed 28 degrees before the wedding takes place.

A postnuptial agreement or postnup is essentially very similar to a prenup, only it is created once the couple have already been married. These are often taken out soon into a marriage if the couple ran out of time but did intend to get a prenup, or later on if difficulties arise and the couple wants to have clarity over what might happen if they breakup.