Our living together arrangement service is an easy way for couples moving in together to gain total clarity on what will happen if the relationship ends.

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These days, plenty of couples choose to live together without being married, assuming they will have similar rights to married couples when the relationship ends. However, this is not the case; cohabiting couples need to attain legal clarity over finances, children, debt, and property in the form of a binding document. This is the only way to protect the best interests of both of you. At Hansells, we’ve helped unmarried couples in Norwich and across East Anglia achieve total peace of mind through our living together service.

A living together agreement is also known as a cohabitation agreement and is used by unmarried couples to protect their interests. It’s essentially a legally binding document covering things like child maintenance, financial arrangements, who owns which assets. The purpose of this document is to provide clarity on what will happen following the potential future breakdown of the relationship. Without it, unmarried couples don’t have the same legal rights to make claims over each other’s finances and assets as married ones. To find out more, visit our dedicated page for unmarried couples.

Expert family law solicitors for living together agreements.

Looking to create a living together agreement with your partner to protect both of your best interests? Our team of expert family lawyers are here for you. We’ve drafted and executed legally binding agreements for unmarried couples all over Norfolk, helping them achieve greater transparency on what will happen in the event of them separating. With our service, you can feel confident of no hidden fees or surprises, just total legal clarity. To start your living together agreement today, contact our team of trusted solicitors.