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Accidents happen all the time. Although often no one is at fault, sometimes they could have been prevented. Accidents at work can occur for numerous reasons, from slipping on spillages to operating defective equipment to not having adequate training. Whatever the reason for your accident, you may have grounds for a claim if your employer is at fault. If your employer has clearly been negligent and you are due compensation, our team of specialist personal injury solicitors are here to help you navigate the process.

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Hansells is one of East Anglia’s leading law firms for dealing with personal injury and accident at work claims. If your employer has failed in their duty to provide a safe workplace, we can help you achieve the compensation you deserve. The losses experienced following accidents can be wide ranging, particularly when it comes to loss of earnings. Whatever the specific circumstances of your case, we’re here to help you reach a suitable resolution.

If you’ve sustained at accident at work and your employer is at fault, you have the right to make a claim for compensation for the injuries or illnesses you are now dealing with and the toll this is taking on your finances now and in the future. It’s illegal to be fired or treated differently following an accident at work, and it’s important to get legal support as soon as possible if this is happening. For more information about the process of lodging your claim, get in touch with one of our professional personal injury solicitors today. We’ll discuss your situation sensitively and carefully, before proving guidance on the next steps.

Many employers will only pay statutory sick pay, even if you’ve been injured at work. Even if they do continue to pay you your full salary, there is overtime, commission, and bonus or reward schemes to consider, as well as the loss of pension payments.

More than that, if you’re recovering from a serious injury or illness, you may have to pay for medical treatment or even aids and alterations to your home in serious cases. If this is true for you, a rehabilitation company can be instructed to provide a statement detailing everything you have had to pay for as a result of the incident. This statement can also take into account any extra help you have needed to take on such as gardeners and cleaners to help you manage, and voluntary time given to you by friends and family.

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At Hansells, we’ve helped clients across East Anglia and beyond achieve compensation for injuries they sustained at work. We’ll consider all the circumstances, including any additional expenses that may be incurred now and in the future. Where further information is needed to determine if your employer is at fault, we can do this on a no win no fee basis that will cost you nothing if unsuccessful. Whatever has happened, and whatever you are now going through, we’re here to help you achieve the settlement you need to fully recover and move forwards with your life.

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