Accidents happen all the time and although sometimes they are no one else’s fault, some accidents can be prevented.

If you are injured in an accident whilst at work and it could have been prevented by your employers then it may be possible to claim compensation. Accidents at work can occur for numerous reasons. It can be as simple as slipping on a spillage that has not been cleaned up and where no warnings have been put up.

An accident can occur from defective or unsafe equipment or if floors or stairs are in disrepair causing a fall. If you are asked to do something that is unsafe or if you are asked to do something without suitable equipment and you are injured then this could result in a claim.

Another common cause of accidents at work is a failure on the part of an employer to provide adequate training, for example manual handling training, or failing to properly risk assess and activity.

These are just examples and there could be other ways your employer is negligent. If your employer has failed to provide a safe work place then it may be possible to claim for injuries incurred.

A claim can be made for your injuries and any financial losses or expenses you incur. The compensation for injuries is based on the injuries and your recovery period. This is then compared to court guidelines and previously decided cases to assess an appropriate level of compensation.

The losses and expenses that you may suffer can be wide ranging. The most important to most people is the loss of earnings as many employers will only pay statutory sick pay even if you are injured at work. Even if they do pay you whilst you are off there can still be loss of overtime or enhanced payments for shift workers.

There could also be an impact on commission, bonus’ or any reward scheme for attendance. In some circumstances people will have to change their job and this can lead to a pay cut and it may be possible to claim for this reduced income if it can be proven that the change of job is due to the injuries from the accident. If the absence from work is long term or permanent then in addition to the loss of income this can have a significant impact on any future pension payments.

The impact of this can be calculated with the assistance of accountants. Another example of a significant expense can be medical treatment which can range from physiotherapy up to private surgery in more serious cases and all the expenses related to this. In complex cases a rehabilitation company can be instructed to provide a statement detailing everything that is needed.

This includes treatment needs and alterations and aids at home to make life easier. A claim can be made for travel expenses, medical costs and care and assistance that is provided. This can include care you pay for, such as a gardener or cleaner if you are unable to do this yourself. It can also include voluntary care from family or friends who have to do things to assist you that they would not normally do.

This is not a complete list of expenses and in each case we will consider all the circumstances and any additional expenses that may be incurred now and in the future. At Hansells we are happy to discuss any injury suffered and the circumstances to consider if you have a potential claim. We will obtain further information if it is needed to consider if your employers are at fault and this can be done on a no win no fee basis at no cost to you.

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