Tribunal awards

Basic Award                         £17,130
Compensatory Award          £93,878
A Weeks Pay                       £571

National minimum wage section

National living wage            £9.50
Adult rate                             £9.18
Development rate                £6.83
Young workers rate              £4.81
Apprenticeship rate              £4.81

Unfair Dismissal

  • change to week’s pay from £544 to £571 per week
  • change to maximum compensatory award from £89,493 to £93,878


  • A week’s pay rises from £544 to £571

Statutory Maternity Pay

  • Lower earnings limit – £123
  • SMP prescribed rate – change from £151.97 to £156.66

NMW and SMP prescribed rate effective from 1 April. 
Employment Tribunal changes effective from 6 April.

If you have any concerns about the changes outlined here or on any employment related matter, please drop me a line. I’m happy to provide practical assistance and all important peace of mind.

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