Facing an injury due to a car accident, slip & fall, or workplace incident can be overwhelming. Legal matters might be the last thing on your mind, but seeking guidance from a local Personal Injury Solicitor (PI Solicitor) can be crucial.

Why choose a local PI solicitor?

During Injury Awareness Week 2024, the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) focuses on avoidable workplace injuries. A local Personal Injury Solicitor understands your community and the laws affecting your case. This knowledge provides invaluable peace of mind, allowing you to focus on recovery.

In this article, our Personal Injury specialist, Louise Westby, explores the benefits individuals can gain from the early engagement of an experienced legal professional in personal injury cases. Here’s how a local PI solicitor can help:

Advice on whether your claim will succeed

One of the primary advantages of consulting a P.I. solicitor is clarifying whether the other driver, your employer, or those responsible for inspecting and maintaining the roads and pathways have been negligent/breached their duty of care to you.

This is the first determinative step in deciding if your claim has reasonable chances; unfortunately, it is not enough to prove that you have had an accident and have been injured.

Evidence Gathering and Investigation

Seeking to build a strong case from the very outset could be key to making or breaking your chances of your claim succeeding.

This includes collecting and analysing the relevant evidence, for example, photographs, and witness evidence. The skills used to determine what is required and to review key evidence are routinely practised by PI solicitors.

Having local knowledge of the roads where your accident happened, the pavements and walkways, or who your particular employer is cannot be underestimated.

A complete comprehension of applicable laws and case law evidence has been gathered and considered. A personal injury solicitor can assess the incident and provide expert advice on available courses of action, including the likelihood of success and potential compensation for your injury.

Legal Navigation

Legal procedures can be complex and scary. P.I. Solicitors function as guides through the maze, handling documentation, adhering to proper procedures, dealing with court proceedings and deadlines when needed, and negotiating to settle a claim for their clients on the most favourable terms available.

Compensation Expertise

Personal injury solicitors are skilled at determining the actual level of injury compensation and damages suffered by our clients. We evaluate whether a client would benefit from rehabilitative services such as physiotherapy or counselling.

Furthermore, throughout the procedure, information about a client’s special damages/fixed losses, such as travel, loss of earnings, and medication, is gathered, and it is determined how we can maximise compensation after a client’s accident.

Additionally, our network of local medical professionals can provide expert opinions to support your claim.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies and the other party’s solcitors

Dealing with insurance companies can be challenging. There are certain legal procedures to follow. As personal injury solicitors, we understand their tactics and present your case persuasively to secure fair compensation and responsibility for your claim, not just their initial offer.

Peace of Mind to Focus on Recovery

Perhaps the most invaluable benefit of engaging a P.I. Solicitor is the peace of mind it brings to the injured party and their loved ones. After an injury, the most important factor for a client is to begin their recovery process.

Having a personal injury solicitor handle the complexities of your claim allows you to focus on your recovery journey, knowing that your claim is being dealt with on your behalf and that you will receive support and guidance through this process and a good outcome for you.

Get to know Louise Westby

I have many years of experience dealing with all different types of PI claims on behalf of clients, I am passionate about the work I do and seek to achieve justice for those who are injured due to the negligence of others.

At Hansells, we provide a free 30-minute consultation during which I can offer my initial advice on the likelihood of success for your claim, as well as details about potential evidence that could support a positive outcome.

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