Mrs M was a front seat passenger in a high performance rag-top motor vehicle driven by her husband.  The vehicle carried all safety features.  Mr M hit the kerb, maybe due to a pre-existing medical condition in the form of a previous head injury, however, the DVLA had not revoked his licence. There were no other vehicles involved and Mr M lost control of the car before hitting a tree.

Mrs M was advised by the fire service that the car actually saved her life as the time it took to remove her from the car was reduced due to the rag top.  Mrs M remained in hospital for 4 weeks and underwent 6 months of rehabilitation.  She sustained spinal injuries which required extensive surgery and there was also injury to her chest and a significant head injury, which has resulted in a  loss of balance and hearing.

Many medical reports were obtained and assistance was sought from Mr Tom Wood, a barrister of 42 Bedford Row.  Round the table negotiations were held between Hansells, Mr Wood and the defendant’s insurers.  It was noted that as well as the extensive injuries sustained by Mrs M, she has been left with ongoing problems with regards to balance, hearing and pain in the back and neck.  Her quality of life has diminished and she has had to leave her full time employment, and she too will require care like her husband, in the future.

Following the round the table discussions, settlement was agreed on behalf of Mrs M in excess of £200,000.

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